Easy Jet provides budget flights. Image credit MediaWiki

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Transport:Modern Developments in Transport: Air Transport

  • Development in this transport sector includes enlarging and modernizing airports and terminals.
  • There is also a strong drive to attract airlines from developed countries to fly to developing countries to boost tourism there.
  • In developed countries, security is the greatest concern at busier airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow in London.
  • Hence personnel and sniffer dogs patrol the air terminals looking for weapons, drugs and contraband.
  • To increase capacity, the airports are being expanded instead of building new ones which is more expensive.
  • The aircraft are increasingly becoming all weather with radar equipment installed to monitor the skies ahead.
  • Comfort has increased tremendously with music, food, films and journey trajectories being provided.
  • Longer range aircraft have been built which do not require frequent refueling.
  • Faster aircraft to transport people quickly
  • Budget airlines that prioritize affordability over comfort such as Easy Jet
  • More affordable private planes
  • Private jets for rich people and business executives
  • Internet and phone charging capabilities ┬áinside aeroplanes
  • Streaming capabilities allow people to watch their preferred films and do business aboard planes
  • Satellite tracking of planes
  • Computerised navigation and autopilots to reduce fatigue and accidents
  • Anti-terror technologies after an increase in terror attacks

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