Badia Dam in the midst of a desert. Image credit

Badia Dam in the midst of a desert. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Methods of preventing desertification.

The following methods can be used to prevent and slow down the rate of desertification:

  • Afforestation that is planting trees where none previously existed.
  • Fallowing-allowing fields to fallow instead of growing crops on them continuously.
  • Legislation-passing laws that favour conservative farming methods and practices and penalises those who do not follow the practices.
  • Educating people about the impact of poor farming methods and schooling them on the best farming methods available to them.
  • Planting trees lines for example gum trees to act as wind breaks and lessen the impact of wind erosion.
  • Dam construction-for use in irrigation schemes and to provide alternative hydro-electric energy instead of relying on firewood.
  • Practice irrigation for example using oases and rivers such as the Nile river.
  • Limit settlements near water sources such as oases.
  • Construct contours to conserve land and lessen the effects of erosion.
  • Terracing to lessen the impact of erosion.
  • Paddocking to implement controlled grazing and prevent overgrazing.
  • Practice crop rotation.
  • Create sand embankments.
  • Fencing to protect forests.
  • Grow drought resistant crops such as sorghum or practice activities such as extensive cattle ranching that put less pressure on pastures.
  • Use alternative sources of fuel instead of firewood for example LP Gas.

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