Vaal Barrage dam in South Africa. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Agriculture:Farming types in Africa:The Main Irrigation Schemes of Africa and Zimbabwe

  • Almost every country in Africa has irrigation schemes of different sizes, most of them too small to note but the big ones are few due to the absence of rivers from which to draw water from.
  • They are also few because of the large expenses involved in installing irrigation facilities.
  • Commercial farmers have established their own small-scale irrigation schemes because they have the capital to do so.
  • For most peasant farmers in Africa, the irrigation facilities they use are built for them by governments and they are leased small plots on which to farm in the scheme.
  • Bigger irrigation projects are the domain of governments or Transnational Corporations which have sufficient funding for the projects.
ZimbabweSE Lowveld, Central watershed and northern schemes.
ZambiaKafue, Mulungushi, Gwembe
KenyaThe Seven Forks project,galana-Athi schemes
South AfricaVaal Barrage, P.K Leroux, H-Verwoed, Torquay, Tugela.
MalawiThe Shire Valley scheme
The SudanThe Gezira scheme, the Manaquil scheme, the Gumuiya scheme
EgyptThe High Aswan scheme, the Lower Nile project
NigeriaKainji scheme, Middle Niger delta scheme, sharing Orner scheme with Chad
MaliThe Selingwe scheme

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