Nyakasikana the last known medium of Nehanda.

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Mutapa Kingdom: A list of known Mhondoros/Svikiros in the Mutapa Kingdom

  • Mhondoros were the national spirit mediums/ancestral spirits in the Mutapa state
  • They were usually made up of royal ancestral spirits
  • The word svikiro comes from a Shona verb (infinitive) kusvika which means ‘to arrive [at a place]’
  • It was used to refer to the spirit mediums upon which the spirits of departed ancestors would come upon
  • The word mhondoro is also used to refer to the spirit mediums who were possed by these spirits
  • Some of the mhondoro’s of the Mutapa kingdom include:
    1. Matope
    2. Samarengu
    3. Nemangoro
    4. Nyanhewe
    5. Nebedza
    6. Nehanda
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