The signing of the Lancaster House Agreement

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Zimbabwe 1900-1980: The Lancaster House Conference and Independence (September 1979 to April 1980)

  • The British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Lady) agreed to convene a conference for Rhodesia
  • The conference was held in London (Lancaster) from September to December 1979
  • All parties were represented included the Patriotic Front
  • A new republic of Zimbabwe was established after talks led by Lord Carrington and new elections were put on the drawing card
  • Pressure was put on the guerrillas to accept a new settlement
  • Muzorewa stepped down and the country became a colony of Britain under Lord Soames until elections were held
  • ZANU PF and PF ZAPU and other parties contested separately in the elections
  • ZANU PF won the victory under Mugabe by gaining 57 seats out of 80
  • Zimbabwe’s official independence was declared on 18 April 1980 and the Union Jack was lowered for the Zimbabwean flag

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