Watt's steam engine. Image credit MediaWiki

Watt’s steam engine. Image credit MediaWiki

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Missionaries:Inventions made in the Industrial revolution

  • The following were some of the inventions that came out of Britain’s Industrial Revolution:
  • The seed drill
  • The steam engine
  • Weaving machines
  • Spinning machines such as Spinning Jenny
  • Railways
  • Telegraphs
  • Steam boats that made travel faster
  • Sewing machines
James WattImproved on the Steam Engine
Thomas NewcomenBuild the first steam engine
Henry BessmerThe Bessemer method of steel processing.
George StephensonBuilt the first railway engine (The rocket)
John HuntsmanDiscovered a way to turn iron into steel
Thomas Thelford and John McadamWorked on road building methods
Alexander Graham BellTelephone
Alfred NobelDynamite
Thomas EdisonBulb
Abraham DarbyDiscovered a way to make coke from coal.

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