Airbus 380 being assembled

Airbus 380 being assembled. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Production: Introduction:Good and Services

  • Production-is the provision of goods and services to satisfy human needs and wants.

Goods and Services (Products)

  • goods– these are tangible items with physical attributes for example a car.
  • Goods can be classified as:
  • durable goods which last for a long time. e.g. cars and furniture.
  • nondurable¬†goods– these have a short life span for example perishable goods like fruits, clothes and other types of foodstuffs.
  • consumer goods– these are finished and ready for use by the end user e.g. clothes, bread, chips etc.
  • Capital ( also known as Producer) goods-these are used to produce other goods for example tractors.
  • Services– are intangible items such as education and entertainment.

Needs and wants

  • Needs-are things that we need in order to survive. Basic human needs include water,food,shelter,clothes, medical care, education.
  • Wants-These are things that we can do without but require in order to live comfortable lives. Examples of wants are LCD televisions, Sofas etc.

Producers and Consumers

  • Producer– those involved in obtaining raw materials or manufacturing goods, offering services and trading.
  • Consumer– the end users of goods and services (products).

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