Jews being harassed by police in Hitler’s Germany 193

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Germany:How Hitler got the Support of the People

  • The Weimer Republic had been weakened by problems it was facing and Hitler’s rise was made possible
  • The death of the Stressman in 1929 led to the rise of Hitler
  • He appealed to people’s emotions not to their reasoning power
  • He condemned the Weimer politicians for signing the Versailles Treaty that they were traitors who had sold out on the Germany people
  • He blamed the peace makers (League of Nations) as being accountable for the problems of Germany
  • He condemned the Jews as the minority that had contributed to the defeat of Germany
  • He promised to defy each and every statute of the treaty of Versailles and rearm Germany
  • Million were to be employed in the rear moments industries and in the army
  • He was going to recover lost Germany territories
  • These included Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria in order to create a mighty Germany nation
  • He would crash the communist thereby getting the support of the capitalist and industrialist
  • In fact he promised to solve all social, economic and political problems
  • He promised everything to the people

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