Germany in 1919

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Germany: Germany 1919 – 1945


  • This topics looks at the problems faced by Germany after World War I
  • It describes the economic and political developments of Germany
  •  and the characteristics of Nazi dictatorship
  • as well as Hitler’s domestic and foreign policy
  • Beware of the common error that students make when spelling German and Germany
  • The country is known as Germany in English
  • Citizens of the country are known as Germans (plural) and German (singular)

The Weimer Republic

  • After the end of WWI, the central powers were defeated and Germany was given harsh terms in exchange for peace
  • Germany had to put a democratic government in place
  • The Kaiser during that time refused but Germany lost its ports in Kiel and this led to uprisings in the country
  • The Kaiser later abandoned his throne and took refuge in Holland
  • Fedrich Ebert a socialist then became the leader of Germany
  • The first elections in the Weimer Republic were held in January 1919 and were won by Ebert

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