Microlith tools from Southern Africa. Image credit anthropology.net

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Early Societies (Late Stone Age – Early Iron Age): Features of the late Stone Age

  • It occurred from 7000 to 1500 years ago.
  • It was characterized by microlithic industries
  • Microlithic means small and refined tools made up of stone
  • The tools made during this age were smaller, finer and sharper
  • The stone tools could be used for cutting, scrapping and digging
  • The late Stone Age people also used bone implements
  • The backbone economic activities of the Late Stone Age economy were hunting and gathering
  • Only men were hunters
  • They used bows and arrows as well as bone headed spears as hunting tools
  • They used pit traps and disguises like the head and horns of antelope and the plumage of the ostrich to get close to animal herds
  • Women and children did the gathering
  • They gathered edible fruits, berries, roots, ants, caterpillars, locusts and wild honey
  • The late Stone Age was  also characterized by pottery making,
  • It also marked the beginning of pastoralism in some northern parts of African
  • Seasonal temporary settlements were also made necessary by the search of game and reliable sources of water
  • The marked the begins of sedentary living

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