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ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: International trade:Export and Import merchants

Export merchants

  • Perform the functions of traders (i.e. wholesalers or retailers).
  • Buy goods from local manufacturers.
  • Sell these goods abroad.
  • Buy and sell goods in their own names.
  • Sell goods at a profit.
  • Pay cash immediately for goods bought.
  • Reduce manufactures’ problems by exporting the goods because they:
  • Transport goods on their own.
  • Store these goods.
  • Handle customs clearance.
  • Advertise the goods abroad.
  • Provide manufacturers with information on market conditions overseas e.g. on how well goods are selling abroad.

Import merchants.

  • Act as traders.
  • Buy goods from manufacturers abroad.
  • Sell these goods locally.
  • Pay cash promptly for the goods they buy.
  • Buy and sell goods using their own names.
  • Sell these goods to earn a profit.
  • Warehouse the goods.
  • Advertise the goods.
  • Handle customs clearance.
  • Inform the manufacturers overseas of goods with a fast rate of turnover locally.

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