An electric motor. Image credit

An electric motor. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Experiment:Making a model electric motor

Aim:  To make a model electric motor

Materials: copper wires, switch, coil (made from varnished copper), magnet, paper clips, rechargeable battery


  1. Set up the coil and magnet as shown in the diagram above
  2. Balance the coil using paper clips
  3. Attach the device to a switch and battery suing the copper wires
  4. Close the switch and observe the result
  5. Change the leads of the motor and close the circuit again
  6. Observer the way the coil turns

Results and Observations

  • The rechargeable battery supplies Direct Current
  • The motor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy
  • When the switch is closed the coil starts to turn
  • When the circuit is reversed the coil turns in the opposite direction


  • A current carrying wire turns due to electromagnetic induction

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