Nickel plating copper

Nickel plating copper

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes:  Experiment: Nickel platting a piece of copper sheet

Aim: To nickel plate a piece of copper

Materials: beaker, nickel sulphate, boric acid, burner, nickel electrode, 1.5 v cell, copper electrode/copper plated item, universal indicator


  1. In a beaker make 20cm3 a solution using 54g nickel sulphate and 6g boric acid
  2. Warm the solution to about 70°C
  3. Test the pH and add more boric acid if it is too high (i.e. if is greater than 4)
  4. Immerse a copper cathode and a nickel anode into the solution
  5. Allow a current to flow for about 20 minutes
  6. Switch off the current and disconnect the cathode

Results and Observation

  • The copper sheet is covered (plated) with nickel
  • The nickel is shiny i.e. it has a bright sheen
  • It does adhere well to the copper even during polishing

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