USPS EMS packages. Image credit

USPS EMS packages. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Expedited Mail Service

Expedited Mail Service.

  • Used when items need to reach their destination quickly and safely.
  • I used to send valuable articles e.g. certificates or documents.
  • The sender hands the parcel over the post office counter.
  • The EMS consignment note is filled in triplicate.
  • One copy of the consignment note is stuck on to the article using glue or stickers.
  • The second copy is kept at the post office.
  • The third copy is given to the sender as proof of postage.
  • Postage rates are higher.
  • Mail is delivered to the final destination by a post office messenger and EMS vehicles.
  • There is hand to hand transfer of mail.
  • The recipient produces positive identity on receipt of the articles.
  • The recipient sings to acknowledge receipt of article.

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