Tshaka kaZulu

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Zulu State: Evaluation of Tshaka’s rule

  • Shaka was a dictator and tyrant and performed many acts of inhumanity against his people and enemies
  • Shaka used terror and fear to rule his kingdom and consolidate his power
  • However some evidence available about Shaka sparing the lives of kings he conquered and making them his indunas shows that in a few incidences he was merciful
  • Shaka left behind a huge political legacy
  • His political and military reforms continued to be used even years after he had died
  • Even up to this day the Zulu people remain and some of their views are shaped by Shaka
  • The Zulu state became the most powerful nation in Southern Africa during the time of Shaka and were united with one purpose

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