The drainage basin. Image credit BBC.

The drainage basin. Image credit BBC.

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Drainage Basin

  • The term drainage basin refers to an area of land drained by a river and its tributaries (river system).
  • It includes water found in the water table and surface run-off.
  • The drainage basin is also known as catchment area among an assortment of terms.
  • There is an imaginary line separating drainage basins called a watershed.
  • Usually, the watershed is a ridge of high land for example mountains forming a boundary between two adjacent drainage basins.
  • The point where a river begins is called the source. It is usually in the form of a lake or spring.
  • A confluence  is the point where two rivers join.
  • tributary  is a stream or smaller river that joins a larger river.
  • The mouth  is the point where a river enters the sea.

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