Blacks were constantly disefranchised

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Zimbabwe 1894-1979: General Discrimination

  • During this period there was a pervasive belief in white supremacism that governed the daily lives of black people
  • Certain town facilities such as clubs, race courses and hotels were exclusively for whites
  • Laws were passed to make it illegal for Africans to walk on pavements or sidewalks in any town
  • Blacks were supposed to take off their hats in the presence of a governmental official and shoes when entering a government building
  • However these were relaxed as time went on
  • From 1956 Africans were called Mr and was a huge achievement in terms of lowering discrimination
  • The name African replaced the normal kaffir or boy that had been in use
  • The Liquor Amendment Act was signed to allow Africans to drink European beer
  • Africans were now represented in the Federal Assembly
  • The amendment of the Land Apportionment Act saw hotels, night clubs and restaurants being made multi-racial
  • Africans were allowed to own or rent premises and offices but not to live in white suburbs
  • Transport sector was opened to all races
  • Colleges and universities which were multi-racial in nature were built
  • Advances in education and health were largely due to missionary work in Zimbabwe and Africans who used their resources to build the necessary infrastructure
  • However there still existed areas that were specifically reserved for whites such as group A schools

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