Citizenship is an inalienable right

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Constitution of Zimbabwe:Revocation of Citizenship

  • Zimbabwean citizenship by birth may be revoked if the citizenship was acquired by fraud, false representation or concealment of a material fact by any person he person’s nationality or parentage becomes known, and reveals that the person was a citizen of another country
  • Zimbabwean citizenship is not lost through marriage or the dissolution of marriage
  • Dual citizenship is allowed in the by the new constitution
  • A Zimbabwean minor could hold dual citizenship but should change it once they turn 18 years
  • A foreigner wishing to be a citizen of Zimbabwe has to renounce their other citizenship
  • Citizenship by registration could be lost for various reasons such as:
    1. If it was gotten fraudulently
    2. If the person has been disloyal
    3. If the person was sentenced to 12 years or more within 5 years of becoming a citizen

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