Citizens of Zimbabwe

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Constitution of Zimbabwe:Chapter 3: Citizenship

  • This section states who can be a citizen in Zimbabwe
  • This section has however been amended a couple of times
  • Citizenship comes with many privileges and rights which are usually not enjoyed by non-citizens
  • A citizen of Zimbabwe is entitled to:
    1. Basic rights as they are outlined in the Bill of rights in the constitution
    2. Acquire official documents such as passports national registration and birth certificate
    3. Register as a voter, to vote and to stand for any political office
    4. Live in the country and look for employment in the country
  • Being a citizen is not only an issue of rights and privileges but also citizens do have responsibilities and duties
  • According to the Lancaster House Constitution, there are three ways one can become a citizen of Zimbabwe, that is by birth, by decent and by registration
  • Zimbabwean citizens have the following duties, in addition to any others imposed upon them by law:
    1. To be loyal to Zimbabwe
    2. To observe this Constitution and to respect its ideals and institutions
    3. To respect the national flag and the national anthem
    4. To the best of their ability, to defend Zimbabwe and its sovereignty

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