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ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Leadership: Communication in Business: Circulars

  • Are also known as circular letters
  • It is a written document that is addressed for circulation to a group of people
  • It is usually formal and official
  • They are also known as fliers
  • Many companies use circulars to enforce dress codes and policies
  • For this reason they are also referred to as office instructions
  • They are also used to invite employees to meetings or luncheons
  • Circulars can also be used as an advertising tool.
  • Circular letters are circulated within the intended recipients hence their name


  • A written record can be kept
  • They are a cost effective way of reaching the intended audience
  • Have multiple uses
  • They have call to actions which can be easily converted into sales or desired action
  • Can be easily and quickly created
  • Target a particular audience
  • They are formal yet easy to understand


  • Are an outdated form of communication
  • Requires the recipient to be literate
  • Is inefficient compared to modern forms of communication such as Whatsapp groups, emails etc

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