A lot of people have been asking for this information so here it is. There are various Cambridge centres in Zimbabwe. Some of them accept private candidates although some of them do not. If you run a centre or know of one and you do not find it on these lists please get in touch and we will add it onto our list. We will be thankful for this information.

Where to register for Cambridge as a private candidate?

Please consult the list of centres in:

  1. Harare
  2. Bulawayo
  3. The rest of Zimbabwe

For those registering in Harare we recommend you use British Council and Speciss College. Both have been around a long time. Internally we would especially recommend the British Council but you are always free to use a centre next to you.

The June Deadlines?

Normal registration began on 7 January 2019 and it will end on 14 February 2019. For British Council, which we recommend the late registration charges are as follows:

  • For stage 1 late registration you will pay $70 in late registration fees in addition to normal fees
  • For stage 2 late registration you will pay an additional $200 in late registration in addition to the normal fees

My advice is do not be late as these fees are pretty steep.

What are the registration fees?

Speciss College is charging around £55 pounds per subject for IGSCE and O level. The British council is charging about $87. These fees include the centre fee. You can download detailed fees for each level by clicking on the links below:

NB If you want to know the difference between IGSCE and GCE O level please read this article on the topic.

Where can I get the exam timetable?

If you want to know the timetable for June 2019 exams you can download by clicking/tapping the link below

Cambridge June 2019 Exam Timetable for Zone 3 (Green/Zimbabwe)