Here is a comprehensive lists of all schools in Harare that have Cambridge centers. We have indicated the ones that accept private candidates and the ones that don’t.

School NameCambridge CenterCambridge TuitionCity/TownCenter Fee/School FeesPrivate Candidates
British CouncilYesNoHarareYes
Chisipite Senior School YesYesHarareYes
Direct Contact SchoolYesYesHarareNo
Divaris Makaharis SchoolYesYesHarareNo
Dominican Convent High School, Harare YesYesHarareYes
Eaglesvale Senior School YesYesHarareNo
Gateway Schools (Zimbabwe) YesYesHarareYes
Goldbrook CollegeYesYesHarareNo
Hartmann House Preparatory SchoolYesYesHarareNo
Hellenic Academy YesYesHarareNo
Heritage School (Private) Limited YesYesHarareNo
Littlerock International School YesYesHarareNo
Maranatha Christian High School YesYesHarareNo
Maranatha Junior School YesYesHarareNo
Speciss College YesYesHarareYes
St John's College YesYesHarareNo
St John's EmeraldYesYesHarareYes
St Michael's Presentation Primary School YesYesHarareNo
St. Dominic's Chishawasha YesYesHarareYes
Trust AcademyYesYesHarareYes
Twin Rivers Primary School YesYesHarareNo
Westridge High School YesYesHarareNo
Westridge Primary School YesYesHarareYes

If you are aware of the fees they charge/ center fee please SMS us on 0772 473953 or email with the information.