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ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Constitution of Zimbabwe: Chapter 10: The Civil Service

  • It is made up of people employed by the government who work as servants of the people
  • They are responsible for the administration of the government and they offer service to citizens
  • The civil service does not include the following
  1. Members of the security services and any other security service that may be established
  2. Judges, magistrates and persons presiding over courts established by an Act of Parliament
  3. Members of Commissions established by this Constitution;
  4. The staff of Parliament
  5. Any other person whose office or post is stated, by the Constitution or an Act of Parliament, not to form part of the Civil Service
  • The civil service is led by a Civil Service Commission which is There is a Civil Service Commission consisting of a chairperson and deputy chairperson and a minimum of two and a maximum of five other members appointed by the President chosen for their knowledge of or experience in administration, management or the provision of public services

Functions of Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission has the following functions:

  1. To appoint qualified and competent persons to hold posts in the Civil Service subject to section 65(5), to fix and regulate conditions of service, including salaries, allowances and other benefits, of members of the Civil Service
  2. To exercise control and disciplinary powers over members of the Civil Service
  3. To investigate grievances and to remedy the grievances of members of the Civil Service concerning official acts or omissions
  4. To implement measures to ensure effective and efficient performance within, and the general well-being of, the Civil Service
  5. To ensure that members of the Civil Service carry out their duties efficiently and impartially
  6. To advise the President and the Minister on any matter relating to the Civil Service
  7. To promote throughout the Civil Service the values and principles set out in this Constitution
  8. To exercise any other function that is conferred or imposed on the Commission by this Constitution or an Act of Parliament.

Conduct of members of Civil Service

  • Members of the Civil Service must act in accordance with this Constitution and the law
  • No member of the Civil Service may obey an order that is manifestly illegal
  • No member of the Civil Service may, in the exercise of their functions:
    1. Act in a partisan manner
    2. Further the interests of any political party or cause
    3. Prejudice the lawful interests of any political party or cause
    4. Violate the fundamental rights or freedoms of any person
  • Members of the Civil Service must not be office-bearers of any political party

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