The Church at St Faith’s Mission Rusape

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Zimbabwe 1900-1980:  African Religious Movements

  • After Africans failed to achieve mileage with petitions they decided to resist European dominance through events organized by African sponsored churches
  • Many Africans joined churches which opposed colonialist policies such as the African Methodist and Epicel Church
  • Africans soon realised that the views of equality, love and brotherhood being preached in churches was not even practiced within the church
  • Only a few radical missionaries such as John White, the Lloyds of St Faith Mission(Rusape) and Rev A S Cripps directly opposed racism, pass laws, tax regulations, land alienation and general discrimination
  • Others did not directly attack white policies as some were bribed by the settlers to support them
  • Africans also did not like the white erosion and criticism of African cultural elements such as kurova guva
  • Some Africans preferred to join other indigenous church which recognized their culture even though they taught based on the bible
  • An example of such a movement was the Watch Tower Movement which came from Nyasaland

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