Ian Smith(left) the Prime Minister of Rhodesia

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Zimbabwe: Political Grievances

  • Africans had also lost their political voice
  • Many Africans were denied the right to vote by the qualifications for voting introduced
  • Franchise legislation even though it was changed 5 times was raised each time Africans seemed to be getting closer to the limit
  • African chiefs lost their traditional roles and were replaced by Native Commissioners
  • Separate development was supported by many laws introduced by the settlers
  • Africans did not have representatives in Parliament after the dissolution of the federation
  • This meant that all decisions made were in the favour of whites
  • Africans who participated in the World War II had experienced equality they came and spread the phenomenon to fellow Africans
  • This led to the formation of different political parties which spread the idea of nationalism and more political authority
  • The Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Ian Smith meant that he had refused to share power with Africans and this angered the natives

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