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ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: African Affairs Board

  • It was established as a safeguard measure against racial segregation
  • It protected Africans from racial segregation and also stood up for their rights and interests
  • It consisted of 3 African members and 3 European members who represented African interests
  • They were led by a chairman and deputy chairman selected by the Governor General
  • It raised matters concerning Africans t the Prime Minister , the Federal Executive or Federal Assembly
  • It acted as the watchdog for African rights abuse
  • It analysed proposed Bills and made sure they did not segregate Africans
  • They would consult with the Federal Assembly if they felt the Bill was infringing on the rights of Africans
  • The board had its successes among them equal facilities in railway dining cars and restaurants, in government and improvement of the living conditions of Africans
  • The board was however seen as a failure because most of their protests were ignored
  • The Constitutional Amendment Bill of 1957 and the Electoral Bills 1958 challenged the efforts of the board despite its efforts to advocate for electoral equality

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