A sales-oriented approach is a marketing approach that emphasizes selling products in high volumes, rather than understanding customer needs and wants. This approach is often used when a company needs to meet specific sales targets or clear inventory.

Features of a sales-oriented approach:

  • Emphasis on sales volume: Companies focus on selling as many products as possible to achieve their sales targets.
  • Limited focus on customer needs and preferences: Companies prioritize sales over understanding customer needs and preferences.
  • Heavy investment in sales promotion: Companies invest heavily in sales promotion activities like discounts, special offers, and aggressive advertising.
  • Short-term focus: Companies focus on achieving immediate sales targets rather than building long-term relationships with customers.
  • High-pressure sales tactics: Sales teams are often trained to use high-pressure sales tactics to close deals.
  • Limited product differentiation: Companies focus on selling products based on price rather than product differentiation.


  • Can help companies quickly achieve their sales targets.
  • Sales-oriented companies often have highly motivated sales teams.
  • Can be effective in clearing inventory or selling products with a short shelf life.


  • Limited focus on customer needs and preferences can result in low customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • High-pressure sales tactics can damage a company’s reputation and discourage repeat business.
  • Limited product differentiation can lead to increased competition based on price rather than product quality.
  • Short-term focus can result in missed opportunities for long-term growth and profitability.

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