• A product-oriented approach is an approach to marketing that focuses on product innovation and improvement rather than customer needs and wants.
  • It is often used by companies that make highly technical products for which market research is simply not possible
  • This might be because the product is too complicated and it is unlikely the customer knows they need it
  • An example is how Apple introduced the iPhone with its touch screen and also the iPad

Features of product-oriented approach:

  • Emphasis on product quality and features
  • Belief that if the product is good, it will sell itself
  • Limited focus on customer needs and preferences
  • Heavy investment in research and development
  • Production efficiency is a primary concern
  • Product design and development is a core competency
  • Little or no focus on marketing research
  • Price is determined based on cost of production
  • Often used for complex products or in highly technical industries
  • Limited scope for customization or personalization


  • Innovation and creativity are encouraged
  • Products are often of high quality
  • Cost-effective due to production efficiencies
  • Potential for product differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Often used in industries where technical expertise is required, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals


  • Limited focus on customer needs and preferences
  • Can result in products that do not meet market demand
  • Lack of customer research can result in wasted resources
  • May be less effective in highly competitive markets
  • Limited scope for customization or personalization can limit customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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