Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Image credit financialgazette.co.zw

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Image credit financialgazette.co.zw

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Business Organisations: The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange


  • Controls and regulates admission of new members.
  • Acts as a barometer of the well-being of the Zimbabwean economy.
  • A market for buying and selling shares, stocks, bonds as well as other second hand securities.
  • Establishes prices for shares using the market forces of supply and demand.
  • Quotes and publishes share prices.
  • Educates members of the public, through its outreach programmes, on investment on shares.
  • Gives incentives to investors because investment in shares is easily marketable.
  • Sets out a code of conduct for dealers to protect investors against unfair business dealings.
  • Compensates investors who may be defrauded by dealers.
  • Lists and lists companies after examining and assessing their performance.
  • Prepares reports and information on the companies dealing on the Stock Exchange.
  • Allows companies and government to raise funds.
  • Provides investors with names of reputable companies.
  • Approves shares of companies to be bought and sold.

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