Visual Communication Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Visual Communication

  • is the expression of information and ideas using visual aids or aids
  • it includes body language and gestures
  • it may also include the use of ¬†photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams to enforce or demonstrate ideas or data.
  • The use of charts etc is also known as graphical communication


  • There is visual impact
  • It is possible to convey movement
  • There quick visual impression
  • It can be interactive
  • Can be used to quickly demonstrate what if scenarios
  • It can be used as a vehicle for non verbal information
  • There can be a permanent record e.g. if recording equipment is used


  • Understanding is not guaranteed
  • It is impersonal and may reduce participation
  • Cannot be used with the visually impaired
  • Poorly designed aids can hamper understanding
  • Can be a distraction to the actual information
  • Might require interpretation skills that the audience may lack

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