Generators have many uses.Image credit

Generators have many uses.Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes:  Uses of generators

  • In Zimbabwe there a number of Power Stations that generate electricity
  • In practice most generators are AC rather than  DC generators
  • At Kariba there is a Hydro Electric station
  • It uses water in the Kariba Dam which has potential energy
  • The water falls (kinetic energy) onto turbines
  • The turbines are attached to coils which generate AC power which is transmitted to various parts of the country
  • For household and industrial use
  • At Hwange Thermal station steam in boilers is used to turn turbines
  • These turbines also drive AC generators
  • The electricity is fed into the national grid
  • There are also Diesel and Petrol generators that are used by both ZESA, companies and households
  • These smaller generators are quite popular during power crisis
  • They are used as a backup source of power
  • They are also used in remote off grid areas such as rural areas
  • They are used to provide emergency power in hospitals and clinics during blackouts
  • They are also used to power electrolytic plants on mines that need D.C power instead of A.C power

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