A goods truck. Image credit utahship.org

A goods truck. Image credit utahship.org

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Transport: Transport Modes: Road Transport

Road transport


  • Is fast over short distances.
  • Is cheap over short distances.
  • It is direct and offers door to door delivery services
  • there is a wide network of roads already available meaning
  • even remote areas can be accessed by this form of transport
  • and vehicles can be re-routed when this is needed.
  • Operates on flexible:
  • Timetables hence goods can be carried any time
  • Routes since vehicles can travel anywhere.
  • There is minimum handling of goods thus reducing risks of theft of and damage to the goods.
  • It is suitable to carry:
  • perishable goods such as flowers
  • Fragile products such as glass
  • Loads of different shapes and sizes.
  • There is no transhipment of goods i.e. goods need not be unloaded and loaded again.
  • Is possible to organise return loads.
  • Can carry advertisements on the sides of the vans.
  • May use special trucks and trailers.
  • Vehicles can be owned by people and individuals.
  • Vehicles and roads have a low maintenance cost.


  • Is slow over long distances.
  • Is relatively expensive over long distances.
  • Is not suitable for carrying heavy goods and bulky loads.
  • Can be affected by:
  • Poor weather conditions e.g. thunderstorms.

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