ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Trade Unions and Businesses: Introduction

  • these are organisations of employees who have come together for a common purpose
  • trade unions are formed by employees with a shared interest
  • The main function of trade unions is collective bargaining on behalf of employees
  • Collective bargaining refers to the process of negotiation between employers(management)
  • and a group of employees aimed at agreements:
  • on salaries,
  • working conditions,
  • benefits,
  • and other aspects of workers’ compensation and rights.
  • Most trade unions are led by full time leaders known as union leaders
  • in addition to collective bargaining trade unions have other functions which include
  • finding representation for their members during disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissals etc
  • providing payment to their members during industrial and times of difficulty
  • deciding on whether or not to start industrial action
  • communicating to the outside world on behalf of their members
  • take collective action in order to reinforce and enforce the rights of their members or agreements with management
  • trade unions derive their power from the fact that there is strength in numbers
  • To view a list of trade unions in Zimbabwe click here

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