The San Fransisco charter. Image credit

The San Fransisco charter. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The United Nations: The Treaties and Steps taken to form the United Nations (UN)

  • The Atlantic conference/charter of August 1941- In August of 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill drew up the charter in which they proposed the formation of a the United Nations which would maintain peace and safety for all nations.
  • The First Washington Conference/Arcadia Conference January 1942-26 Nations met in Washington in June and they all accepted the Atlantic charter in which the USA, USSR and Britain led the Nations.
  • Moscow declaration October 1943-On the 30th of October the USA, USSR, Britain and France signed the Moscow declaration. They all agreed to set a date for the establishment of an international organisation.
  • Tehran December 1943- The USSR, USA and Britain agreed to work together on the International organisation to which all democratic nations would be welcome.
  • Dumbarton Oak Conference 1944-The USSR, Britain and China met at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C. and planned the organisation with emphasis on the power and responsibilities of the Security Council.
  • Malta conference February 1945- The USSR, USA and Britain met in Malta to make amendments on the Dumbarton Oaks agreement. They agree that five permanent members of the Security Council would have veto power.
  • San Francisco Conference April-June 1945-50 nations met at San Francisco and signed a UN charter. This placed the UN headquarters in New York.

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