ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Human Resources Management: The selection process

  • When the proper candidates have been recruited
  • The following step is to select the most appropriate candidate(s) from the available pool
  • Selection is the process of screening candidates using a variety of criteria so as to identify and retain the most suitable candidate(s) for the job from the recruitment pool
  • Often it involves a written exercise to screen some of the candidates
  • Selection often involves tests to determine:
    1. That the candidate will be able to do the job
    2. That they have the required knowledge and skill e.g an engineering job will require a working knowledge of engineering
    3. That the candidate has the right aptitude i.e. is able to grow on the job
    4. That the candidate has the right personality for the job e.g. a job in marketing might require a person with an easy going manner
  • In addition to or instead of a written test organisations usually conduct an interview
  • An interview is a formal discussion between one or more representative/representatives of the organisation and each applicant in order to determine the applicant’s suitability for the job
  • There are various types of interviews but the most important are:
  • One on one interview- which is an interview which takes place between one organisation┬árepresentative and each candidate in turn
  • This is the traditional form of interview
  • It is most suitable when filling low and middle level positions in the organisation
  • Positions which do not involve a lot of responsibility and skill
  • Panel interview-which is an several members of the hiring organisation, who are carefully selected themselves for the occasion, conduct an interview with one candidate.
  • This type of interview is used to fill positions which require a lot responsibility and/or requires a lot of skill

NB Selection is not to be confused with recruitment. To learn more about recruitment go to this page.

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