ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Marketing:The Marketing Department

  • Is responsible for executing and implementing the organisation’s marketing functions
  • It carries out functions such as:
    1. Marketing research:
      1. Identifying opportunities that lie in the market that the business might exploit
      2. Carrying out desk and field research
      3. Analyzing data gathered from marketing research and making decisions
    2. New product development in collaboration with other departments including the production department:
      1. Developing new products
      2. Deciding whether to continue or discontinue certain products
      3. Developing strategies on how to launch new products
      4. Extending existing products
    3. Develop strategies with regards to:
      1. Products e.g. re-branding, packaging etc
      2. Markets and distribution of products
      3. Segmentation of the market
      4. Promotion of products
      5. Pricing
      6. Distribution
      7. Sales
  • The marketing department promotes the business, increases its revenue and communicates with both existing and potential customers
  • It does not work in isolation but in conjunction with other departments for example with the production department to make sure that products are produced in sufficient numbers and are of the right quality

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