ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Human Resources Management: Training: The Management function

  • is the planning, organizing, leading/commanding, controlling and coordinating of the organisation’s activities so as to make sure the organisation’s objectives are achieved in an efficient and effective manner
  • Management can also be defined as the art of doing work through others
  • It entails the achievement of set objectives by effectively and efficiently utilizing the organisation’s resources
  • There are various types of managers such as:
  • Marketing managers, production managers, human resources managers etc
  • But all managers perform the same basic functions namely:
    1. Planning
    2. Organising
    3. Coordinating
    4. Leading/Commanding and
    5. Controlling


  • A plan is a predetermined course of action designed to give purpose to the organisation’s activities
  • Planning is the management function concerned with identifying, anticipating and defining goals and objectives for future performance
  • It involves determining the organisation’s desired future and planning a course on how to get there


  • is the management function that is concerned with the assigning of tasks
  • grouping tasks together into subsections and departments
  • and allocating resources to these subsections and departments to ensure that plans(objectives) are achieved
  • This also involves formally creating a structure


  • Is the management function concerned with bringing together the various parts, departments, subsections of the organisation so that they can work in harmony and balance
  • It involves resolving conflicts between departments and making sure departments understand that objectives can only be achieved when competing departments work together


  • It takes the form of leading and directing
  • It involves roles such as supervision,instructing and giving orders
  • Under this management function the manager influences/induces others to perform assigned tasks


  • Is concerned with monitoring how activities are carried out and keeping the organisation on track to achieve set plans
  • It involves:
    1. establishing performance standards that must be adhered to
    2. Comparing actual performance to set standards and if there is any deviation
    3. Take corrective action

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