Harare is the most famous settlement in Zimbabwe. Image credit Bulawayo24.com

Harare is the most famous settlement in Zimbabwe. Image credit Bulawayo24.com

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Population and Settlement: Introduction


  • Refers to a structure where human beings reside.
  • It may be made up of one or several dwellings.
  • The term settlement is, however, commonly used to refer to several dwellings.
  • In Geography we study the form (shape) and function (purpose) of settlements
  • Site-this is the space or position occupied by a settlement.
  • It is the land upon which a settlement is built.
  • A settlement can be build upon a hill or on the slope of a hill or in a valley.
  • Settlements can also be described in terms of their location /situation.
  • Location/situation-this is the position of a settlement in relation to its surroundings.
  • For example a settlement can be located between mountains, at a road junction or along a coastline.
  • A settlement’s location can also be described in relation with other settlements.
  • Settlements can also be described in terms of their size, structure and function.
  • Settlements can grow from being hamlets, to villages, then to towns, to cities or even larger settlements known as conurbations or megalopolis.
  • As the village grows in size the range of activities within it increases.
  • In a town a there is a shift to non-agricultural activities thus distinguishing it from a village.
  • Urban sprawl-this is when two or more towns grow into each other.
  • The result of an urban sprawl is called a conurbation.
  • A settlement’s structure is known as its layout.
  • The layout includes the settlement’s transport network and land-use.
  • A settlement’s morphology-this is where a settlement’s layout is considered in terms of settlement’s types of buildings, their layout, age, type, and quality.
  • Many settlements are described in their functions, hence the terms like mining town, marketing center etc.
  • Each settlement has a sphere of influence.
  • Sphere of influence-is the area around the settlement which depend on the town for various services.
  • The sphere of influence can be determined length of the journey between home and workplace of the settlement’s workplaces or the extent of the services for example newspaper distribution.

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