A radio pager. Image credit MediaWiki

A radio pager. Image credit MediaWiki

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Radio paging, tele messages and Prestel

Radio paging

  • Is a one way communication system.
  • Is an internal means of communication.
  • I used by people in an organisation only.
  • Is hired from the post office.
  • A public address system e.g. used in supermarkets, hospitals and factories.
  • It provides a beeper.

Tele Messages

  • Is a quick way of communication.
  • Messages are dictated over the phone.
  • The message is transmitted by telex to the post office nearest to the addressee.
  • Messages is sent by a post office messenger to the addressee.
  • Suitable for short messages.


  • System which enables subscribers to have information extracted from the computer through a network
  • The information is displayed on an adapted Television set.
  • Used to check on prices and interest rates.

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