Ploughing sandy soils. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Population and resources:Population and Land

  • Land is the most important natural resource base in a country.
  • This is especially true for a country like Zimbabwe whose economy is agro-based
  • Rapid population growth increases human demand on the land causing heavy damage to the land.
  • A slow population growth rate as well as advanced technologies and land use practices have helped maintain balanced and healthy environments.
  • The major problem of Africa is slow growth in industrialization.
  • In developing countries, rapid population growth rates coupled by increasing poverty, have created the scissors effect, slicing their ability to sustain themselves.
  • Rapid population growth rates, shortage of farmland, together with poor farming practices and low level of technology, have left the communal areas highly degraded.
  • Land resources have been over exploited, erosion accelerated and the rate of desertification increased.
  • The areas are characterized by high deforestation for farmlands, for fuel, and building materials, severe overgrazing and over-cultivation, turning the countryside into badlands, semi deserts and highly silted waterways.

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