Pipeline transport in Africa. Image credit thevillager.com.na

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Transport: Pipeline Transport in Africa

  • Whereas pipeline transport is very highly developed in advanced countries such as Germany and Canada and in oil-producing Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, this mode of transport is very poorly developed despite the advantages.
  • In Africa, pipelines are used to transport oil, natural gas, water and sewerage, though for commercial purposes, only the first two commodities are of importance.
  • Africa has very limited use of pipeline transport because of the following reasons.
  • There are very few industrial areas which use oil and gas products.
  • The oil and gas deposits on the continent are few and those being exploit are not fully worked.
  • The oil mined is mainly exported rather than being used on the continent.
  • Building pipelines is very expensive and many countries in Africa are too poor to do so.
  • There is no tradition and technology to use pipelines.
  • It is hoped that more pipelines will be installed in Africa as urbanization and industrialization improve and living standards are raised as demand for water, oil and oil products increases.

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