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General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level

COMMERCE                                                                                                                            7103/2


NOVEMBER 2013 SESSION            2 hours

TIME     2 hours


  • Write your name, Center number and candidate number in the spaces provided on the answer booklet.
  • Answer any four questions.


  • The number of marks is given in brackets
[] at the end of each question or part question.

1.1   What are the advantages of mass production?    [8]

1.2   Explain any three factors of production.    [12]

2.1 Describe pre-packaging         [5]

2.2  Describe Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) products.  [5]

2.3 Why would a retailer buy directly from the manufacturer?      [10]

3.1 State four reasons why traders give cash discount.  [4]

3.2 For what reasons might a trader use a quotation.       [5]

3.3 Give five reasons why a trader would use an invoice.   [5]

3.4 State any six  reasons for the use of a statement of account.  [6]

4.1 Outline six functions of Customs and Excise authorities.  [6]

4.2 What is a bill of lading?    [8]

4.3 Distinguish between a broker and a factor.   [6]

5.1. Give three purposes of a Memorandum of Association, and [3]

5.2 Five contents of a Memorandum of Association. [5]

5.3 List six  advantages and six disadvantages of a sole trader.  [12]

6.1 Distinguish between a current account and a deposit account. [8]

6.2 Explain six characteristics of money. [12]

7.1 State the importance of statistics in insurance contracts.  [4]

7.2  Name and describe the most appropriate insurance policy which an manufacturer is likely to take in relation to embezzlement of funds, and        [5]

7.3 Injury to customers within the trader’s premises.       [5]

7.4 Stock valued at $50 000 was insured for $30 000 against the risk of fire.

Later stock valued at $25 000 was accidentally burnt by fire.

Calculate how much was paid as compensation.   [2]

7.5 Give reasons for the amount of compensation given in 7.4   [4]

8.1 Explain the importance of using the internet             [4]

8.2 Identify eight purposes of communication to a trader    [8]

8.3 What factors would a manufacturer consider when choosing an efficient mode of transport? [8]

9.1 For what reasons would a trader use informative advertising, and [5]

9.2 Generic advertising?                [5]

9.3 List five functions of the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (C.C.Z.)   [5]

9.4 Why would a manufacturer of a washing powder use posters to advertise his/her product?  [5]

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