Zimbabwe’s largest internet provider, ZOL has introduced new packages that are aimed at making the internet a little bit more affordable. These are Wibroniks packages which use 4G (LTE) technology as the last mile solution.

Wibroniks 44192GB
Wibroniks 595927160GB
Wibroniks 9999399100GB

The ides of May

Back in May, all telecom companies in Zimbabwe hiked their data prices leaving consumers out in the cold. In one stroke most people were priced off the internet. The results have been noticeable in places like Twitter and Facebook where fewer people are now posting.

Fixed internet can be the answer

Most people in Zimbabwe rely on their mobile network operators to provide them with the internet. While this is very convenient and the initial costs are low, it is very expensive in the long run. ZOL also has very affordable equipment.

Unit typeRTGS$Installments
Portable MIFI99n/a
Indoor Unit19921x12 months
Outdoor Unit24925x12 months

You can carry the Portable MIFI device with you and use it to connect your phone/tablet/laptop to the internet. Unfortunately the last time we checked this device was out of stock. The indoor unit is the next best thing. It allows you to carry it and plug it into a power source and you will have WIFI. The outdoor unit is suited for those who live further away from a base station.

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