Despite the Covid 19 challenges a number of students were able to write their ZIMSEC examinations in June. The examinations started late and there were even some rumours that non-teaching staff members were roped in to invigilate after fearful teachers abandoned their posts as they did not have protective equipment.

Well the results are now out as of today 28 October 2020.

When are the ZIMSEC June 2020 results coming out?

The government has announced that examiners started marking the papers during the week of 21 September 2020. On 29 October ZIMSEC announced that the results were out and ready for collection.

Are the June 2020 results out yet?

The results came out on 29 October 2020 as outlined above.

How will I be able to view/access/ get my results?

Results can be accessed online on the ZIMSEC examinations portal. You can view the results by clicking on this link or alternatively click on this link. You can also get your results the traditional way by visiting your centre and collecting a results slip

I cannot log in to the results portal what should I do?

First, you need to make sure that results are now out and available on the portal. If results are not yet out then you will not be able to log in. Also, note that the examinations board has caved in to pressure from schools and they now have the power to restrict what you can see.

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