In a dramatic act of populism, last week the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Cain Mathema wrote to ZIMSEC instructing them to reverse their proposed registration fee hike that would have seen registration fees go from $15 ZWL to $190 ZWL. There was a lot of confusion among parents and potential candidates with regards to what they were now supposed to do.

The Ministry said then, and now ZIMSEC has confirmed the same, that the registration fees for those who intend to write in both June and November of this year still stands at $15 per subject.

The examination fees still stand at $15. We have not sent a circular to schools informing them of any changes on examination fees.

If any school is found on the wrong side of the law, the parents should report directly to the relevant ministry so that drastic measures will be taken accordingly.

We are guided by the Government on the examination fees structure. What the Government said will remain.

If there are any changes, we will send a circular to schools informing them.

ZIMSEC public relations manager Ms Nicky Dlamini

Expect a top-up call or chaos in the future

Most students might not be aware of this but we have been here before. Ten years ago we were going through another crisis where we were again compelled to use the Zimbabwe dollar (ZWD) under a hyperinflationary period. Because students had to pay their registration fees when they registered at the beginning of the year while the exam was administered much later in the year such fees were often wiped out by inflation.

In the end the broke ZIMSEC had to fight with examiners who would refuse to mark until they were given just and fair compensation. The result was often chaos and delayed results. So expect either to top up or expect chaos.

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