Yesterday the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Announced the release of Grade 7 results for those who sat the examination in October of this year. This means that students should be able to start collecting their results starting this Monday.

According to the preliminary information, the 2019 national pass rate is 46.9 per cent down from last year’s 52.08 per cent. This sadly means that more than half of those who sat for the examination failed. Indigenous languages recorded the highest pass rates with Shona and Ndebele recording above 80 percent pass rate.

How about an online portal?

O and A level students no longer have to go to their respective schools to view results. This can be easily done online via a portal which is set up each time results are released. For most students, this can be a way to save themselves a trip.

Thinking of going to a boarding school, you need to apply online quickly

Gone are the days when if you wanted to go to a boarding school you had to visit and/or write to each school to apply. These days all applications to said schools are handled by the EMAP system. All you need are your results and candidate number.

You need to apply quickly if you want to get a place at your favoured school otherwise you might end up settling for scraps. The EMAP system has given people issues in the past however this time it was set up early.

How to Apply Using EMAP

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