We are well in January and still don’t know the exact fees that students who are already in state Universities and those who have/are applied/applying are going to pay. Early indications were that fees would probably be above $5 000 with some students being asked to pay over $8 000 ZWL.

The government has also added to the confusion with them constantly denying fee hike applications by universities. The relevant authorities have also sought to downplay the fees that students are going to be paying.

Expect to pay around $15 000 per semester

Last semester students paid between $500 and $1500 but nobody expects students to pay fees this low, not even the government. According to reports in the Herald indicate that after food and accommodation have been factored in students should expect to pay around $15 000.

Universities have campaigned hard to make sure that they will be allowed to charge viable fees. High fees are unpopular and so the government has been trying hard to limit the rate of increase without undermining this viability.

The result has been these delays as students wait to hear how much exactly they will end up paying. Those who have been asked to pay anything less than the $15 000 figure and are in residence can expect to pay top-up fees eventually.

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