President Emmerson Mngangwa has said that Zimbabwe needs to import about 800 000 tonnes of maize to ease the effects of last rain season’s severe drought and resulting low harvests.

I want to assure you that this drought did not affect Chipinge alone.

There were not enough rains throughout the country.

Some provinces had a good harvest and their surplus should be moved to the affected provinces.

Overall, we need to import around 800 000 tonnes because our principle is that no one should die of hunger.

He also said exhorted local authorities to relay information to families in need of urgent food assistance without discriminating people based on their political affiliations:

So, we are not discriminating against those from MDC or any other political party, we give everyone food because they are Zimbabweans.

You are a Zimbabwean, you will be given the food. The Zanu-PF Government does not discriminate, we do not want any Zimbabwean to die of hunger.

Drought is a natural hazard. To learn more about drought go to this post on the topic explaining how and why it occurs.

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