Due to the 2018/19 drought, ZESA is going to introduce a countrywide load shedding soon. We have seen a proposed schedule for Harare and it’s going to be quite disruptive for a lot of sectors including industry, retailers and even education. Neighbourhoods are slotted to have up to 8 hours per day without power.

Load shedding area codes

Load shedding area codes


Proposed schedule Monday-Thursday

Proposed schedule Thursday-Sunday

People in the education sector including teachers, students and parents rely heavily on electricity. If you are a teacher sometimes you take books to mark home, students have to complete their homework late at night etc. Part-time students often read late at night.

In the next coming days, we are going to publish a series of articles that will help you navigate some of these problems depending on your budget. These articles will be aimed mainly at home users.

NB Despite screaming headlines from various sources please note this is a proposed schedule. The final one might be quite different from the above-shown schedule. However, ZESA is going to introduce a load shedding schedule of some sort that’s a given.

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