2020 has been one strange year in many regards. Schools have been closed since March when the government was forced to curtail learning in a bid to slow the rate at which the virus could spread. For a while we were also not sure whether students would be writing their final examinations this year but that has since been clarified. Schools are reopening this month and 1 December has been given as the provisional date on which exams are supposed to begin.

There is even more good news. You can still register for the 2020 “November” examinations. The government has extended the deadline to 20 October 2020. This is because there was a lot of confusion during the early months of this year as parents, government and ZIMSEC bickered over examination fees. By the time everyone agreed on a price it was already too late with very little time before schools closed. The government introduced online registration but it was school based and again there was a lot of confusion as to how it all really worked with some schools not even offering it.

ZIMSEC would like to advise all Examinations Centre that registration for the 2020 ZGCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations has been extended to 20 October 2020.

Heads of Examination should communicate this extension of registration to all prospective candidates in their communities.

All regulations relating to the submission of entries should be followed to the letter.

It’s not clear what the fees are like but we are assuming candidates will still be asked to pay the old prices.

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